Virginia Hall (WW2 badass spy)- WoW

In the years before World War II, Hall tried to break into the American Foreign Service but was denied due to her gender as well as a leg injury. She eventually worked for British intelligence during the war and eventually was allowed to join the OSS, the forerunner of the CIA.

SHE HID DOCUMENTS IN HER LEG!! The Limping Lady, Virginia Hall, was the most successful spy in history.

I read the comic book strip from the Rejected Princess website and showed the infographic video,  she shot off her leg and became the best spy ever.  Here is a news report on her. And if you have time here is another YouTube video.

With this lesson, I also decided to have a spy week. They each had to give themselves spy code names and then we did these awards for the week.

top secret

Leave the award on the seat of one pupil at the start of the day or lesson. It is fun to leave it in a manila envelope with ‘TOP SECRET’ written on it! They open the envelope and read their secret mission:
‘Notice somebody doing something great’
They watch their peers closely and award it to somebody by completing the certificate. The winner gets a certificate to take home. I also upped the “spy” factor by making them guess who was the student that spied on them for the day.

Here is the link to all the images I used, the Special Agent Award and the computer desktop I created.

You can find the other Woman of the Week (WoW) here.

The entry for Virginia Hall in the Good Night Stories for Rebel Girls book.



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