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Hello every one and welcome to Clumsy in Korea.

Little bit about me:

I’m 31 and am from the beautiful country of South Africa.

I moved to Korea in February 2014 and lived in a little town in the country side before moving to Seoul.

I am very active in Seoul and I run a Facebook group called Korea Events where I look at all the events happening and I put them all together on one page. I also run a Book and Wine Club, I’m in charge of the Arts and Culture Portfolio in the Girls Gone International Seoul Chapter, I admin the South Africans in South Korea page and I work with the Seoul Tourism board as part of their Seoul Global Seoul Mates ambassador program.

While I have been very busy creating an Instagram and Facebook presence I have sadly neglected this blog.

This is all about to change though as I have been working hard to put together a blog that will cover a variety of topics and have something not just for the people living in Korea but for the everyday educator, the wanderlust traveler and the lifestyle enthusiast.

The clumsy part stems from a nickname I got when I was young as I was so busy running around trying to get somewhere I would constantly fall or bump into things.

I hope to have you stick around and watch how this blog goes or if you have anything you would like to collaborate on that would be wonderful. I will be doing features, reviews and collaborations as much as possible.

Go well and stay clumsy 😉

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  1. I didn’t know Korea is the ‘land of the morning calm’. That’s very interesting 🙂

    1. Because everything closes really late, some shops only open at 11 and close at 11, the mornings are normally very quiet. Hence the name 🙂

  2. Thanks for reading & following my blog about walking the Camino de Santiago route in Spain.
    I’m always happy to share the journey with new people so I hope you enjoy reading more in the months to come. Loving your blog too – great pics!

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