A full day in Mullae Dong

While I was looking for fun areas to explore in Seoul I stumbled upon Mullae-dong and I’m really glad I did. A group of us decided to spend the day exploring it. Mullae definitely exceeded all our expectations and I’m already looking forward to going back. This area is the perfect way to spend a day.

Information on Mullae

Mullae-dong is one of the fastest growing areas in Seoul, garnering much attention from young locals in recent years. In the 1970s Mullae was home to countless small scale steel factories, but during the financial crisis of the late 90s, many of those factories moved to other areas with cheaper rent. Since then a great number of the empty factories left behind have become occupied by artists. Now art fills the streets of Mullae-dong, with wall paintings and art objects found throughout the area, gaining its reputation as an art village. Transforming from a factory town to an art destination, Mullae-dong has seen a sudden increase in cafes and bars that are using the old factory buildings in interesting ways.

By the mid-2000s, the number of empty industrial facilities in Mullae had increased considerably, and these cheap small spaces — often only about the size of a one- or two-car garage — began to attract the attention of artists that increasingly were being priced out of Hongdae (홍대) on the other side of the Han River (한강). Artists in the area began referring to Mullae as the Mullae Art Village (문래동 예술촌) soon thereafter, and the Seoul government began formally supporting the concept by 2013.

Like many other forgotten neighborhoods in Seoul (Ikseon-dong 익선동 and Gyeonglidan-gil 경리단길 being prime examples), Mullae seems to be the next target for gentrification. Worrying about losing their businesses, many steelworkers purchased their buildings rather than continuing to pay rent. This has allowed them to coexist with hipster restaurants, art studios and coffee shops.

This place is one of the neighborhood which still looks as it did in the old days. It is also known for the filming location of the movie, ‘Avengers 2’.

Directions: Mullae Station Exit 7. At the first street on your left turn left and then an immediate right into a small alley begin searching down the alleys from there.

Rust Bakery 러스트

We started our day off at Rust Bakery. They open at 11am and this is a good time to get there as it gets very busy rather quickly. The name seems especially fitting for the rusty metal that abounds nearby. The bakery has croissants, cinnamon buns, cheese cakes and pretty much anything to hit that bready sweet treat urge you’re looking for. There are both indoor and outdoor seating areas which make this a great spot in every season. 

This gorgeous bakery has an open layout that allows you to see their large crew of workers baking and brewing at all hours of the day.

📍 Rust Bakery 러스트
서울 영등포구 문래동2가 42-19
🚉Mullae Station Exit 7 (630m walk)
⏰ 11h00 – 22h00
🗓️Monday – Sunday

We secured a nice side room for ourselves

Waves 웨이브스

After we finished at Rust we headed to Waves, an Hawaiian style gastro pub. It was opened by sculptor Lee Daeseok. The building is an old steel factory from the 1970s that has been renovated and remodeled with a Hawaiian theme.

The restaurant is suited for the solo diner and groups and offers up a menu of Hawaiian cuisine and craft beers. We didn’t eat anything but just had some cocktails and beers.

📍 Waves 웨이브스
서울 영등포구 문래동3가 58-34
🚉Mullae Station Exit 7 (418m walk)
⏰ 11h30 – 25h00 (Mon – Fri there is break of 16h00 – 17h00)
Last order 60 minutes before closing
🗓️Monday – Sunday

Hawaiian themed

Yankees Burger 양키스버거&슬라이스피자

For lunch we decided to go to Yankees Burgers. When we got there we had to have a short wait as we were quite a big table and the space isn’t that big. They have burgers, pizzas and other fried food. You can also order the pizzas by slice. If you want fries you can add fries and a drink to your order. We also had some craft beers.

The signature menu, the Mullae Burger exudes a beautiful aroma from the mix of freshly toasted oatmeal ciabatta buns and sautéed mushrooms with truffle oil. The buns are incredibly soft while the juicy patty, aromatic mushrooms and the savory spice from the salami create an intense combination of flavors that is hard to come across at other burger joints in the city.

📍 Yankees Burger 양키스버거&슬라이스피자
서울시 영등포구 도림로 434-1
🚉Mullae Station Exit 7 (581m walk)
⏰ 11h00 – 22h00 (Mon – Fri there is break of 15h00 – 16h00)
📞070 8849 0815
🗓️Monday – Sunday

Mohenic Stay 308 모헤닉스테이308

MOHENIC STAY 308 is a multi-use space on a back street lined with countless steel factories. It blends in so well that with the surrounding buildings that if you don’t know it’s there you could actually pass right past it. This space was opened by Mohenic Garages, a company that does classic car restoration and sells a range of original products.

The owner, who is also a furniture designer, designed the interior himself, keeping many of the original elements of the reclaimed steel factory in tact. Various small items relating to bicycles and motorcycles are displayed inside this impressive, vintage space.

You can rent the area for private parties and they also allow you to take your pet. There is an outdoor area too.

📍 Mohenic Stay 308 모헤닉스테이308
서울특별시 영등포구 도림로128가길 9
🚉Mullae Station Exit 7 (581m walk)
⏰ 07h30 – 24h30 (last order 23h30)
🗓️Monday – Sunday


Treevia is a leather goods brand started by three young leather craftspeople fresh out of university. The space features a showroom, a leather workshop, and a cafe. Displayed around the cafe space are some original leather goods. Among them you can find book covers, card cases, passport cases, and even large designer bags which you can have your name engraved in by request.

The cafe and workshop is a little off the beaten path from the main village area. In the back you’ll see the artists working away. We bought some postcards and magnets and enjoyed some coffee and other drinks.

📍 Treevia
문래동3가 56-1
🚉Mullae Station Exit 7 (794m walk)
⏰ 09h30 – 18h30

Old Mullae 올드문래

Filled with art and repurposed machinery, this is a café by day and a pub by night. Stop in for those throw-back vibes. The 1930’s building maintains the original Japanese wooden frameworks but, in the course of history, has added elements of industrialization and, finally, a touch of the Midwest given by the owner, who also works as an architect.

Old Mullae is a café during the day, and as soon as the clock hits 6pm, it turns into a bar. The owner keeps a strict schedule, refusing to sell any of the café menus during its bar hours. As for some of their bar foods, the owner suggests their fish and chips as the portion is quite large, perfect for a group of friends. The potatoes are brought in from Pyeongchang, are washed every morning and deep-fried upon order. The batter made with beer is super crispy.

📍 Old Mullae 올드문래
서울 영등포구 문래동2가 14-28
🚉Mullae Station Exit 7 (570m walk)
⏰Mon – Wed = 10h00 – 25h00
Thur – Sat = 10h00 – 26h00
Sun = 12h00 – 23h00

Beervana 비어바나

Beervana is another place we just stumbled upon when we saw the roof top from the street. It’s a brewery that has 3 different levels. Just being there is an experience in and of itself, the beer is an added bonus. Their beer has also won awards. I had the Yeongdeung Porter which won the Gold and it was really delicious.

Level 1:

When you enter Beervana you can see brewing tanks, colourful lights, fun decorations, a massive replica of the Infinity Gauntlet, and the bar. You can beer here for takeout too. Above the bar you note a cosy seating area that you must pass through in order to move to the next floor.

Level 2:

You go up the stairs and head through a small shop and then get to the next level which is a nice bright pink colour. This is where we ended up sitting.

Level 3:

This is the pinnacle of Beervana. Tables and seats are made of colourful beer crates. Beautiful lights, plants, and awesome views of the trendy area around you and blankets for when it gets cold.

📍Beer Vana Brewing Co. 비어바나
서울 영등포구 도림로129길 5-1
🚉Mullae Station Exit 7 (646m walk)
⏰Open weekdays: 17h00 – 25h00
Saturday 15h00 – 25h00
Sunday 15h00 – 24h00

Island 203 아일랜드203

We accidentally stumbled upon this place while we were heading to the bus and we just had to go inside to see more. Their basic concept is of an Island pub which is why they have that little oasis on the corner. They have a very extensive menu. They have a café items along with brunch, afternoon tea sets, pastas, platters, cocktails, wine and all other liquor.
We were so stuffed from everything we had consumed in the day that we just bought a take away Americano and then went to go sit in the little oasis to enjoy it. It is only about 60m from Rusk Bakery.

📍Island 203 아일랜드203
서울 영등포구 경인로79길 9 1층
🚉Mullae Station Exit 7 (685m walk)
⏰Open 11h00 – 25h00
☎️ 02-2677-3622
(Call or text for reservation!)

Island 203

Street Art

The art is Mullae-dong isn’t neatly set apart and coordinated as other art areas of Seoul. This is because the artists have done in by themselves and not with the support of the Seoul government. Definitely keep your eyes peeled as you walk around. Over the weekends you will have a better chance of seeing some of the graffiti on the doors as the workplaces are closed and so the art is visible.

Piece of Peace 피스 오브 피스 (PofP)

We were just walking past and then saw this place and decided to go up onto the roof to check it out.

📍Piece of Peace 피스 오브 피스
432 Dorim-ro Yeongdeungpo-gu Seoul
🚉Mullae Station Exit 7 (685m walk)

Views of the streets, alleyways and other cafes and restaurants

Mullae totally surprised us with everything that was there and I’m already planning another trip back there to see everything I couldn’t see the last time.

Have you been to Mullae-Dong? What is your favourite thing to do there?

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Greem Cafe- The 2D cartoon cafe

Since hearing about this 2D cafe I’ve been wanting to go. When I was lucky enough to have a day off Marcelle and I decided to visit. We heard it gets really busy over the weekends so it was great to go in the week and have the place all to ourselves basically.

When you enter the cafe it feels like you have entered a two-dimensional world. It was inspired by the hit Korean animated Web series W. Inside the cafe, walls, counters, furniture, and even forks and knives are crafted to look like two-dimensional drawings come to life. Dark outlines on every object and matte white surfaces create an effect that resembles a room ripped from a cartoonist’s notebook. W. follows the story of a man caught between two worlds, ours and an alternate cartoon reality. The flat-line aesthetic pervades every aspect of the space from chairs to cutlery, compressing the room into a two-dimensional plane, and giving the impression that the space is made only of so much paper and ink.

The shop’s name, Greem, comes from a Korean word which can mean a cartoon or a painting; it is also sometimes called Called “CAFE 연남동 223-14” or “CAFE Yeonnam-dong 223-14”, it is simply named after its address.

In the cafe, sippers and selfie-takers can hang out on a roof terrace—complete with a stylized 2D clothesline and patio furniture in the café’s signature style.

 The menu is limited, but what they do, they do well. And while the cafe serves regular hot and iced drinks – a good selection of coffees, fresh juices and teas – there is also a playful side to what it does. The Toy Latte comes with a block figure made from sugar that floats on the foam until it dissolves.

We went there in the afternoon during the week and this was a great decision as we heard it gets really busy over the weekends. So you might have to wait in the line and you will have to wait to get the good angled photos. Also, don’t forget to go upstairs to the roof.

📍Greem Cafe ‘cafe연남동223-14’
서울시 마포구 성미산로161-10 (연남동223-14) 그림카페
🚉Hongik University Exit 3 (910m walk)
⏰Open 11am. Close 9pm. (Last order 8:30pm.)
💲You may only take photos after purchasing a drink or food

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Harry Potter Themed Cafe in Hongdae

Did you know that Korea has its own Harry Potter themed cafe? It’s situated in the popular Hongdae area. Marcelle and I have been wanting to go for ages and we finally went one weekday in the afternoon. Obviously we dressed up to look the part.

The building itself is very impressive on the outside and already sets the scene for what awaits you inside.
They also have some outside props you can take photos with and there is an entrance to the Hog’s Head bar.

The bar door was closed when we were there though but we could still enter through the cafe. The cafe has 5 floors. B1 is the basement which is where Hog’s Head Bar is. 1st floor is where you order and get your drinks. 2nd, 3rd and 4th have different seating places for you to sit and enjoy and the 4th floor is where they have clothing for you to try on.

The 943 pub also known as Hog’s Head Pub is situated in the B1 level. If entry through the outside door is shut you can enter through the cafe.
The pub is very cozy and the decor is well thought out. The mood is set with ambient music playing and a scene from Hogsmeade being projected onto one of the walls.
We obviously ordered butter beers which were really good. The have alcoholic or non-alcoholic options so even those that don’t drink can enjoy.

Though the interior is not overly decorated or themed they have great photo spots for you to utilize. When you come in at the first floor they have a whole row of wand boxes, making you feel like you’re at Ollivanders. There’s also stairs for you to sit on and pose with. Each floor does have a theme and decor to go along with it. Don’t just sit on one floor and remain there. Make sure to explore all floors. Just before the “dark wizard” scene is a warning poster which reads “the mentally weak, the pregnant, the elderly. Please be careful as this may surprise you”. Hehehe.
Even the interior of the elevator is nicely themed though it is rather small.

On the 1st floor just past the entrance room is a really big mirror which is great to take photos in. Just make sure to keep a look out that no one photobombs your background.
When we were there it was really quiet so we were able to bring the robes down, very quickly, from the 4th floor to grab a few snaps as the lighting is so good and it’s so much fun.

On the 4th floor the cafe has items of clothing for you to try on. When they are busy there is a time limit of 3 minutes per group. So you’ll have to be quick with what you want to do. They have the house robes, scarves and the sorting hat. They also have cute posing stations for you to use. When we were there it was luckily really quiet so we had more than enough time to enjoy ourselves. Another reason to visit on a weekday during the day.

Overall the 943 Kings Cross Cafe is definitely worth a visit. There are spots all over for you to take some amazing photos.
We went in the daytime and I would strongly suggest this as the lighting for photos were much better. Weekdays are also better than weekends due to the crowds.
📍서울 마포구 양화로16길 24 24, Yanghwa-ro 16-gil, Mapo-gu, Seoul
🚉 490m from Hongik Uni Station exit 9
⏰ Week day: 10h30 – 22h30. Weekend: 09h30 – 22h30 Pub: 10h30 – 02h30
🎟️ To get in you have to buy a drink
☎️ 0507-1383-2112
Insta: @943pub

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A day in Seongsu

Seongsu-dong is a neighbourhood in Seoul that, while not very well known by tourists, has become popular among young Koreans. The streets in this area were once lined with shoe factories and other small factories, but in recent years young artists and designers have transformed many of the old buildings into cafes and restaurants. Today Seongsu-dong is known as Seoul’s Brooklyn. There is so much on offer in the area it’s easy to spend a full day there.

Here is my itinerary from morning to evening.


The Onion

When you arrive head straight to Cafe Onion to get some coffee and some of their famed bread. They serve up bread from the famous 05 Bakery with over 20 varieties to choose from all freshly baked in-house.
Cafe Onion has been converted from a metal factory and the interior decor has been left to reflect its last. It was built in the 1970s and has also been a supermarket and a restaurant.
There is also an open rooftop terrace on the 2nd level which you can go up and enjoy. .
There most popular menu item is the Pandora, an Italian- style bread covered in powdered sugar.

🚉 Seongsu Station Line 2, Exit 2
📍서울 성동구 아차산로9길 8 (성수동2가)
☎️+82 70 7816 2710
⏰8:00am – 10:00pm (Mon – Fri), 10:00am – 10:00pm (Sat – Sun)
Insta: @cafe.onion

Amore Seongsu

After finishing your coffee and bread at @cafe.onion head just down the street to Amore.
AMORE seongsu is a new kind of beauty lounge proposed by AMORE PACIFIC. The building had performed as an auto repair shop for a long time, in where now over 30 brands, 3,000 beauty products are displayed only focusing on authentic testing experience. Make-up service and various classes, including makeup classes, flower box and perfume making classes are also available if you make an reservation in advance on the website.
At Amore Seongsu, you can test and experience Amore brand cosmetics, but nothing is for sale. If you are interested in a product you can scan the QR code to get more info and you can buy them online.
When you arrive you’re able to wash your face with a variety of products before heading to the make up section.
There you put all the make up you would like to use into a little basket. There are multiple mirrors available for you to use along with hair styling tools.
Once your make up look is complete you return your make up to the counter and they thoroughly clean it before putting it back on the shelves.
Once you are finished you may select 5 beauty samples to take home with you.
They also give you 3 vouchers which offers discount online and also a discount for the cafe on the 2nd floor which has a variety of green tea products for sale.

📍서울시 성동구 아차산로 11길 7 🚉Seongsu Station Line 2, Exit 2
⏰10h30 ~ 20h30
Closed on Mondays and New Year’s Day/Chuseok Day
💲 Totally free to go in and use everything Insta: @amore_seongsu


Here are 2 options for lunch.

Daelim Changgo Gallery Warehouse

After making yourself look all pretty head over to Daelim Changgo Warehouse for some lunch.
The warehouses were originally used in the 1970s at rice mills and then became an industrial warehouse in the 1990s.
They have homemade pizzas, salads, coffee and craft beers available.
The warehouse has a rustic feel and has some art pieces on show.

🚉Seongsu Station Line 2, Exit 3
📍서울 성동구 성수이로 78
⏰11:00 – 23:00

Grandpa Factory (할아버지공장

This cafe/culture space/ restaurant was opened by Hong Dong Hee, who also owns Daerim Warehouse. He is an artist and woodworker which is why both spaces have gorgeous wooden designs. The biggest one at Grandpa Factory being the tree house. Order your coffee/ beer/ wine and food and then head up to see the tree house while you wait. There is a lot of seating on both the first and second floor.

🚉Seongsu Station Line 2, Exit 3
📍성동구 성수이로7가길 9
⏰11:00 – 23:00 Insta: @grandpa.factory Website: http://gffactory.co.kr/main/main.php



After lunch just cross the road and pop in at @supy_official a fashion, culture and art stop.
They have a little bit of everything, fashion, accessories and cool installations on both floors.
There is also a cool cafe but we were still too full to buy anything there.

🚉Seongsu Station Line 2, Exit 3
📍서울특별시 성동구 성수이로 71
⏰Mon thru Sunday 12h00 – 21h00
🌐 www.supyrocks.com

Art Murals

In 2019 Seongsu was part of the Pow! Wow! Initiative.
It’s a gathering of contemporary artists that engages with the broader community in the process and creation of art and movement.
‘Pow!’ being the impact that art has on a person. A punch in the face. And ‘Wow!’ being the reaction that art has on a viewer. Together they form ‘Pow! Wow!’ which is a term that describes a gathering that celebrates culture, music and art.
It is is a worldwide event that has taken place in Hawaii, Washington DC, Japan, Taiwan, Nepal, and in 2019 came back to Korea to create some stunning new murals.
The 15 pieces are scattered all around Seongsu and require a bit of a walk. .
📍All around Seongsu
To get more information check out their website. 🌐 https://powwow.kr/pwk-gallery


Sundowner Cocktails

After having walked around looking at murals you will have built up quite a thirst.
So why not go have a robot make a refreshing drink for you or decorate your cake.
Cafe.bot is a new cafe where robots will make you drinks and desserts. The cafe was launched on August 7, 2019, by a robotics company, T-Robotics and is located in Seongsu-dong making this the first robot cafe in Korea.
Inside the cafe, a drip bot is used to make coffee and espresso while a drink bot is used to make tequilas and cocktails, both alcoholic and non alcoholic. There is also a dessert bot that draws various designs and emojis on selected cakes.
The cafe has a wall that has beautiful projections on it and there is even a flamingo not that has a camera inside and follows you as you walk. Once you have your drink so up to the roof and enjoy watching the sunset at the end of your long day.

🚉Seongsu Station Line 2, Exit 2
📍서울특별시 성동구 아차산로9길 8
⏰Weekday 8-10
Weekend 10 -10


Go to whichever restaurant you didn’t go to for lunch or try one of the restaurants you saw while exploring.

Special Mention

Right before Daelim Changgo Warehouse you will find Cafe Baesan. We didn’t eat or drink here but we just quickly popped in to have a look around. Insta: @_baesan_warehouse_cafe

I hope you enjoy your day in Seongsu. Let me know what else I should go and see while there. What is your favourite thing to do in Seongsu?

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Things to do while stuck indoors

Remember all those things you said you would do, “when you find the time.”? Well, turns out it wasn’t actually the lack of time that was stopping me, haha, just rather me procrastinating.

Also, it is exhausting to think of things to do while locked up at home because you feel the tasks should be “creative, purposeful and inspire personal growth.” So when the day has passed by and you’ve done nothing but scroll through Instagram while lying on your bed you feel so guilty and swear tomorrow you will do that thing you’ve put off for so long, but then you don’t do it….again.

Creating a list of things I could do, no matter how big or small the task, really helped me. I tried to do at least one thing on the list each day. That way at the end of the day I felt I had accomplished something and could alleviate some of my guilt and lessen my self admonishment.

So here is a list of things for you to do. Some are quick, easy and fun. Others are more of the bigger things you can tackle.

I’ve actually made this post into a page. So either go to the banner at the top or click here.


Baking a Cobbler at home

Baking cobbler is one of the easiest things you can do while stuck indoors.

I discovered this recipe by accident. I had some strawberries that were going off faster than I could eat them so I decided to Google “easy strawberry recipe” and voila this recipe came up.  And it’s true to the name of being an easy dessert.

I used the recipe from Divas Can Cook.

It takes about 10 mins to prep and about 30- 40 mins in the oven.
Best served warm with some ice-cream on the side.

Have you been baking more while self-isolating and staying at home?
Have you made a cobbler before?

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Reading in the time of Corona


One of the best things to do with all this time on your hands during Corona is to catch up on that reading list that you’ve neglected for so long due to “lack of time”. I have a packed bookshelf I need to get through.

I run a monthly book and wine club at Vineworks in Sangsu, called Vineworks Book and Wine Club, on the last Sunday of every month. This April was actually our 4 year anniversary. So during normal times I would be going there and meeting up with my friends but during Corona we actually postponed and we had a virtual book club with someone even joining from the USA.

When we are finished with all the social distancing why don’t you join?

This year we will be focusing on women authors with a specific focus on WOC authors.

What you can expect: There is always a lot of food, good conversation and you get your OWN bottle of wine. That’s right. No sharing of wine and you can take doggy bags of whatever is left. (there is a non-alcoholic option available too)

So if you aren’t sure what book you want to read you can join and read what we are reading. It’s also a great way to make friends. Here is a list of all the books we’ve read over the past 4 years.

I know many apartments in Korea are small and/or people don’t want to buy physical books because they don’t want to have to worry about getting rid of them because they are leaving soon. For this reason, I use Scribd for my books. Scribd has 80 million users, and has been referred to as “the Netflix for books”. I use it on my phone or my desktop.

It is an American e-book and audiobook subscription service that includes one million titles. It is very seldom that I don’t find either the book or the audiobook of the title I’m looking for. 

During this difficult Corona time, they’re letting you sign up for a month to try it out and you don’t even have to give your credit card details. But if you use my link to sign up you’ll get 60 days free: https://www.scribd.com/ga/2cc82n 

Have you read any good books during this time at home? Please share the titles in the comments.

This is part of a series of things to do while at home during Corona.

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Nanta- The nonverbal must see show

When my mother came to visit me I really wanted to take her to watch Nanta but was a bit worried that a) you needed an understanding of Korean or that b) it was another tourist trap. I’m incredibly happy to report that we needn’t have worried about either of those. Nanta completely exceeded our expectations and blew us away.

For the entire duration of the show, we sat enthralled by what was happening on stage. We laughed, we clapped along, we bobbed our heads and tapped our feet in beat with the music. It truly was a wonderful performance so full of energy and kept us thoroughly entertained.

So what is Nanta exactly you ask?

Nanta is a non-verbal comedy show created and produced by Song Seung-whan and incorporates traditional samul nori rhythm. The musical has a simple backstory of three cooks attempting to finish preparing a wedding banquet within a strict time limit while the manager installs his incompetent nephew among the kitchen staff. The show involves acrobatics, magic tricks, comedy, pantomime and audience participation. The unifying element throughout the musical is the use of traditional Korean samul nori music, which in this case is performed with improvised instruments, such as cutting boards, water canisters and kitchen knives. The performance is almost completely non-verbal. The very few words which are spoken are mostly in English.

Nanta is the longest-running show in Korean history.  The musical made its international debut at the 1999 Edinburgh Festival Fringe, where it received an award for best performance. Since then it has been staged in 57 countries around the world. Nanta opened Off-Broadway in New York City in 2004 and ended its run in August 2005.

There are now three shows in Korea (Myeongdong, Hongdae and Jeju) and one in Bangkok.

discountsThough there are other third-party ticket sellers I would recommend going through the website as they do offer some good deals if you book in advance or at certain times.  If you book in advance you can get an Early bird ticket and the 2pm shows on the weekends are also well priced.




Besides being able to buy tickets on the website they also give you very clear directions and instructions on how to get to each theatre.







If you are lucky enough you get to actually participate in the show. Either as a bride or groom or as some other parts.





If you are chosen to participate they post your photos on the website for you to download.




Nanta is really something worth doing while in Korea. It is fun, family friendly and can be done in any weather. Perfect for the upcoming winter months.


If you have already seen Nanta let me know what you thought. If you loved it and want to watch some other similar things have a look at my bucket list that has a section on non-verbal shows.

Agatha Christie – WoW

I started this lesson by showing them the trailer to the movie, “Murder on the Orient Express”. 

I then explain that the author who originally wrote the book was a very famous writer and we read the story inside  Goodnight Stories for Rebel Girls.


I also show them two videos on YouTube about her life. 1 and 2.

My kids were doing Narrative writing at the time so I had them design a murder mystery plot using the 5W’s 1H.

Have a look at our other Woman of the Week.

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