Bette Nesmith Graham (invented whiteout)- WoW

Recently I bought a new book. Girls Think of Everything, Stories of Ingenious Inventions by Women

So this week we looked at Besse Nesmith Graham who invented whiteout (or as we call it in South Africa Tipp-Ex).

I started the lesson by introducing my kids to the history of typewriters. Many of them had no idea what exactly a typewriter was. I then continued by reading the story in the book. You can download these photos bigger here.

Besse- 1Untitled design (1)

After reading the story I showed them this YouTube video about her and this one.

I also told them about how Whiteout helped create The Monkees. We watched this YouTube video.

Here is the pic I made for the desktop.

Find more Woman of the Week here.

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